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Comment promoted – from Neil Wiseman (author of ‘Stonehenge and the Neolithic Cosmos’)

Here’s Neil Wiseman’s comment, sent to my posting  which immediately precedes this one, but minus his preamble regarding a recommended site for discussion of Stonehenge (about which I say the less said the better, despite its self-congratulatory wiki entry, which … Continue reading

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New or neglected evidence for Stonehenge having existed primarily as a site for ‘sky burial’ (well-supplied with bird perches!).

I’ll begin this new posting with a list of 10 new (or neglected) points regarding Stonehenge which have now been worked in to my overarching ‘sky burial’ narrative, first mooted here some 2 years ago. Yes, it’s time all that … Continue reading

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New thinking on Stonehenge: might the original chalk embankment have been intended primarily as a simple windbreak, protecting those Neolithic open fires against gusts of wind from the Atlantic? Was it later reinvented for an entirely different purpose (don’t ask!)?

Let’s start this posting with the photograph that accompanied a front-page article in this morning’s Telegraph newspaper:   Does the circle of banked-up soil put you in mind of anything else, like, say, the UK’s numerous henges, an inheritance  from … Continue reading

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New Silbury soul-release model can explain the rounded sarsen stones implanted concave-side down into sides of the growing Neolithic mound.

  The following extract is taken from the informative yet perplexing book entitled “The Story of Silbury Hill” (Jim Leary and David Field, 2010, English Heritage). We start on page 39 for this, the first and most important instalment of … Continue reading

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The plain, unadorned truth about Stonehenge and its neighbours, Durrington Walls and Silbury Hill – not for the faint-hearted…

I’ve been trying to write this post for some days, but have recoiled from the task. It’s not as if I have not put these ideas into the public domain already. I have – under my ‘science buzz’ blog.  But … Continue reading

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Why was Stonehenge constructed with those woodwork joints (mortise and tenon; tongue in groove)?

Here is the first real post on this, my new Stonehenge/Silbury site – not counting the Hello World preliminary supplied by the WordPress host. It takes a close look at a detail regarding Stonehenge – one that is both at … Continue reading

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Hello world!

  Left: Woodhenge (artist’s impression) Centre: its more durable successor Stonehenge, May 2012 with rape crop (yellow) in background  Right: Silbury Hill, that enigmatic Neolithic man-made mound some 17 miles (27 km) distant from Stonehenge that has so far defied … Continue reading

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